Spreadsheets are the way we do business yet it's ofen a chore. Go Spreadsheets takes on the rote and dirty work and gives you your time back to focus on more important things while ensuring you get the same thing as if you did it yourself.

It's a difficult task to offload to someone else. The primary concern is around quality - you trust yourself but can you trust someone else? By focusing on spreadsheets only and a pre-vetted team we make sure you get what you expect. If we do not believe we can deliver the work we will let you know.

How it works

  1. You provide a spreadsheet with the desired columns and a few completed rows. This gives our team the information we need to evaluate your request and the type of information you're looking for.
  2. We get back to you with a price quote within 24 hours. We will guarantee this price. In addition, if we don't have confidence in our ability to complete the request we will let you know.
  3. If you agree, we start working on your completion. We may reach out to you with clarifying questions but the expectation is that we will be as autonomous as possible and get back to you with the results within a week. At this point we place a hold on your credit card but do not collect until you confirm the work meets your expectations.
  4. Once done, we share a few truly random rows with you. If you're happy with the results we process the hold and send you the completed spreadsheet.


Dan Goldin

Dan Goldin. Dan has likely completed tens of thousands of spreadsheets over his career and realizes both how valuable and often rote they are. He started Go Spreadsheets to make life easier for him but is eager to share the benefit with others.